Research Facilities

East West University Center for Research and Training (EWUCRT) has various research facilities as below:

EWUCRT Research Hub
The center has established a Research Hub, which is a fully functioning research facility. The center has digitized its research hub with 19 state of the art computers, one multimedia projector, printer, photocopier and scanner. Moreover, there are 9 research software to facilitate faculty research and data analysis. The Research Hub is well equipped to arrange various academic programs, training, and workshops. The faculty members of EWU can use the following software at the Research Hub-

  • Turnitin
  • Endnote
  • NVivo
  • iThink
  • AMOS
  • SPSS
SPSS Training
EWUCRT Research Hub

EWUCRT Seminar Room
The EWUCRT Seminar Room is located on 4th floor, Block-C (Room No: 560), EWU. Generally this room is used to facilitate seminars, meetings, and training.

EWUCRT Seminar Room

The center has a small library of its own. The following research related books, journals, and other documents along with various data sets are available at EWUCRT Research Hub-

·         Research Methods For Law
·         Multilevel Analysis For Applied Research
·         Structural Equation Modeling A Second Course (Second Edition)
·         Applied Survey, Data Analysis
·         Research Methodology: A Guide For Reserchers In Agriculture Science And Other Releted Fields
·         Spss Survival Manual (5Th Edition)
·         Case Study Research Design And Methods (5Th Edition)
·         Business Research Methods (3Rd Edition)
·         Research Design: Qualitative , Quantitative And Mixed Methods Approaches
·         Instruction To Social Research- Quantitative And Qualitative Approaches (3Rd Edition)
·         Designing Qualitative Research (6Th Edition)
·         Social Science Research Design And Statistics
·         Research Methodology (4Th Edition)
·         Qualitative Research Design: An Interactive Approach
·         Social Research Methods
·         Sociological Methodology Journal
·         Sociological Methodology Journal
·         The Sage Handbook Of Interview Research (2Nd Edition)
·         Focus Group Methodology: Priciples And Practice
·         Spss Demystified (2Nd Edition)
·         Social Research Methods (4Th Edition)
·         Research Methods In Human Resource Management
·         Using State For Quantitaive Analysis (2Nd Edition)
·         Research Methods For Business And Management
·         Practical Research: Planing And Design
·         Designing And Conducting Health Surveys
·         Theoretical Frameworks In Qualitative Research (2Nd Editiion)
·         Research Methods In Health (4Th Edition)
·         Modern Survey Sampling
·         Understanding Clinical Research
·         Methodology Of Longitudinal Surveys
·         Introduction To Social Research (3Rd Edition)
·         Applied Survey Methods
·         Practical Tools For Desigining And Weighting Survey Samples
·         Doing And Writing Qualitative Research (2Nd Edition)
·         Interviewing: Strategy Techniques, And Tactics (4Th Edition)
·         Research Methods For Generalist Social Work (5Th Eidtion)
·         The Practice Of Social Research (13Th Edition)
·         Need To Know: Social Science Research Methods
·         Practical Sampling Techniques (2Nd Edition)
·         Multivariate Statistical Analysis (2Nd Edition)
·         Economic Models, Techniques And Application (2Nd Edition)
·         Research Methodology: Methods And Techniques (3Rd Edition)
·         Qualitative Research Design- An Interactive Approach (3Rd Edition)
·         esearch Methods, Design And Analysis (12Th Edition)
·         Contemporary Anthropology Theory And Practice Jahangir Nagar University
·         Bringing Our Languages Home Language Revitalization For Families

It has also access to the university library which is well endowed with books including e-books, journals, and various databases
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