Working Papers

By Year

May 2018
pdf_download The impact of oil-market shocks on stock returns in major oil-exporting countries
Syed Abul Basher, Alfred A. Haug, Perry Sadorsky
April 2018
 pdf_download Do oil price shocks affect household consumption?
Nabila Zaman
April 2018
pdf_download Oil subsidies and the risk exposure of oil-user stocks:
Evidence from net oil producers

Abdulrahman Alhassan, Syed Abul Basher, M. Kabir Hassan
No. 2017-01
March 2017
pdf_download Quantifying the Impact of Ramadan on Global Raw Sugar Prices
Kazi Abrar Hossain, Syed Abul Basher, A.K. Enamul Haque
No. 2017-02
March 2017
pdf_download Turkish and BRICS Engagement in Africa: Between Humanitarian
and Economic Interests

Elem Eyrice Tepeciklioglu, M. Evren Tok, Syed Abul Basher
Published in Journal of Sustainable Development Law and Policy,
8(2), 2017, pp. 48-66
No. 2017-03
March 2017
pdf_download Bank Capital and Portfolio Risk among Islamic Banks
Syed Abul Basher, Lawrence M. Kessler, Murat K. Munkin
Published in Review of Financial Economics, 34, Sept. 2017, pp. 1-9.
No. 2017-04
August 2017
pdf_download The Abuses of Net Present Value in Energy Efficiency Standards
Syed Abul Basher, David Raboy
No. 2017-05
August 2017
pdf_download Regional Trade in a Changing World: The Case of SAFTA
Abeer Khandker